Our law firm may be able to help you if…

You are behind on your mortgage

Your home is in foreclosure

You have a pending Sheriff’s sale date

Your lender denied your loan modification

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Your home has been wrongfully foreclosed

Our Foreclosure Lawyers Have The Experience You Need.

We have helped many homeowners get the loan modifications they need to settle with their mortgage lenders and stop the foreclosure process. We will communicate every step of the way and be sure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Loan Modification

Help with foreclosure is not easily obtained on your own. For homeowners experiencing long-term difficulties in repaying their mortgage loan, Loan Modification is a great option. A Mortgage Loan Modification changes the parameters of the loan, and usually involves a restructured loan, a reduction in the interest rate and monthly payment, an extension of the loan term, or any grouping of the three. A Mortgage Loan Modification permanently changes your loan terms.

Note Transfer Analysis

The purpose of this report is to determine which party or ‘who’ is the actual beneficiary of a loan. Our review compares existing records to the ones filed in the county courthouse where a foreclosure action must be processed. As foreclosure is a state governed procedure in the United States, by comparing all of these documents, we are often able to uncover errors and inconsistencies that call into question the legality of the foreclosure.

Loan Compliance Audit

There are certain consumer protection laws designed to protect homeowners from being taken advantage of by the mortgage industry. This report looks at everyone who was involved in the origination, closing, and funding of your loan. It makes sure your loan was licensed properly, the appraisal was done correctly, and that the title work was completed properly. We review your loan documents for over 300 federal & state law violations to determine the legality of your loan.

Our Legal Process

We offer our prospective clients a free consultation before signing up! Our Foreclosure Specialists want to obtain as much detail about your situation as possible before determining what your best course of action will be. We then send and review with you, our Client Legal Packet. Upon receipt of your documents, we begin negotiations with your lender immediately. When negotiations are accepted, you will then sign the new documents agreeing to the terms and conditions of your modified loan.

No Upfront Fees

We do not charge any upfront fees. After you complete your free consultation with one of our Foreclosure Specialists, they will then create a customized payment plan with you based on your needs. We understand our clients’ financial hardships and want to make it as affordable as possible for you to receive the help you deserve. This is why we begin working for you right away, once we receive your signed documents and client package.

Q&A: Can Century Help You? How To Get Informed.

Many homeowners reach out to us for assistance with foreclosure defense and loan modification related issues. It is important to know if your situation qualifies to receive help by us or any similar firm. Certain lending institutions or investors will not always work with third parties to modify a loan: Housing Authorities, Private Lenders, and Homeowners Associations. This is why we offer a free consultation to homeowners like yourself, to discuss your situation and the help options available to you.